• Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria
Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria

Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria

Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria is a part of the Austrian banking group of Raiffeisen
Founded in 1994 as the first bank in Bulgaria with 100%  foreign capital
Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria is an universal bank focusing on three business segments:
 - Corporate Banking (large, medium and small companies)
 - Retail banking (individuals, micro-companies and Entrepreneurs)
- Treasury and Capital Markets

Wide branch network;
Modern and accessible offices;
Innovative solutions in interior and exterior design;
Client Approach - 10 specialized centers for corporate clients and 12 specialized centers for small businesses in Sofia and the rest of Bulgaria
* Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria is developing it is business in accordance with the values ​​of Raiffeisen, which are the core of our business model "Help the people to help themselves". For seventh consecutive year the bank initiated and organized own year-round charity campaign "Choose to Help" that collected over 2 000 000 BGN for donations to more than 166 sustainable projects in health, social, culture, education and the environment;











Ivan Dimitrov office manager Sofia 33, Sofia,5 St. Nedelya Square, 02/915 62 30,088/849 65 62 e-mail: Ivan.DIMITROV@raiffeisen.bg


Mimi Sueva, director "Housing Center, Sofia,5 St. Nedelya Square, 02/915 62 24,  088/411 48 23, e-mail: Mimi.SAEVA@raiffeisen.bg